Escrow Service

Sell and buy online through Partners Post trusted Escrow service without risking your money on an unsecured online transaction. With The Partners Post you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of being scammed. Totally safe and secure.


How the Escrow service works

The Partners Post's escrow protects buyers and sellers by holding the buyer's funds in an escrow account until the seller fulfills their obligations.


Accept Request

Both the buyer and seller agree to the terms and open the task in the escrow dashboard.


Payment Transfer

The buyer pays the invoice amount. The Escrow service safeguards the funds until the service is delivered.


Seller Transfers

Seller deliversthe items or service to the Escrow servic. If physical, ships to Escrow address.


Escrow Inspections

Escrow conducts inspections to ensure that the item or service is as described and in good condition.


Payment Release

Escrow releases payment to the seller and transfers the service or products to the buyer.

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Buyer & Seller protection

Never buy or sell online without using escrow service.


Buyer Protection

Purchasing a high-value item or service online from an unfamiliar source can be fraught with risk. Without knowing the trustworthiness of the entity, you may fall victim to fraud. The Partners Post provides the reassurance you seek when making such purchases. We withhold funds from the seller until you've received the item and are content with the transaction. Additionally, we ensure the seller furnishes tracking information, where applicable, to enhance transparency throughout the process.


Seller Protection

Selling high-value goods or services involves inherent risks, especially with unfamiliar parties. Our escrow service verifies the buyer's identity and funding throughout the transaction. Once funds are secured, you'll transfer your service or ship the item to our escrow department for inspection. This guarantees the buyer receives the item as expected, preventing false claims. Upon the buyer's acceptance, escrow releases funds to complete the transaction.

Escrow Digital Platform

The Partners Post's award-winning digital platform enhances the online ecommerce experience, ensuring safety and security for all users. With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and certainty, it optimizes every transaction.

Freelance Platforms

  • Utilize our Escrow system for safeguarding against delayed payments.
  • Leverage our Escrow system to access funds according to project milestones.
  • Rely on our Escrow system for resolving disputes related to project completion or quality.

E-Commerce Platforms

  • Utilize our Escrow system to build trust with your customers.
  • Leverage our Escrow system to resolve disputes regarding the quality of goods
  • Use our Escrow system to protect purchases in classified platforms.

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Why Choose Us

At The Partners Post, we understand the importance of trust and security when it comes to online transactions. With our trusted Escrow service, you can buy and sell online without risking your hard-earned money on unsecured transactions. Our platform ensures a totally safe and secure environment for all parties involved.

The Partners Post's escrow system protects both buyers and sellers by securely holding the buyer's funds in an escrow account until the seller fulfills their obligations. This means you can proceed with confidence, knowing that your funds are protected until you receive the goods or services you've paid for.

Our award-winning digital platform and expertise are dedicated to enhancing the online ecommerce experience, making it safe and secure for everyone involved. With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and certainty, we strive to ensure a seamless and trustworthy transaction process for every deal. Choose The Partners Post for peace of mind and a hassle-free online buying and selling experience.

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